Our Team

Mr. Imtiaz Buhardeen

Group Chairman

Imtiaz Buhardeen is the founder and visionary behind the Almas Group and a thought-leader in the capital markets of Sri Lanka. Mr. Buhardeen’s success has positioned Almas to take a leading role in the economic development of the country – something that was deeply intentional after Mr. Buhardeen returned to the island after more than a decade running various businesses in Singapore and Malaysia. Mr. Buhardeen possesses years of experience working in numerous industries, and is responsible for the strategic direction of the group, bringing his capacity to envisage possibilities and help create the future he sees for Sri Lanka.Mr. Buhardeen has risen to national fame and organically nurtured a large following due to his unrivaled economic foresight and contagious positive spirit to encourage and reassure local investors which has helped change the fortunes and sentiment of the Colombo Stock Exchange. 

Board of Directors

Mr. Imtiaz

Mr. Ruzly

Mr. Shameer

Dr. Harshana

Mr. Risvi Abdul

Mrs. Fathima Rizwana Buhardeen

Mr. Shakir

Alternate Director